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Tea Tree Oil – First Aid in a Bottle!

Australian Tea Tree Oil is one of the most exciting essential oils in the world. It is only extracted from the tree called Melaleucca alternifolia, which is indigenous to Australia and only grows in a relatively small area on the Northern Rivers of N.S.W., Australia.

Tea Tree Oil can be used for many treatments:
– Acne.
– Athlete’s Foot, Eczema, Yeast Infections, etc.
– Cuts and Burns.
– Colds and Flus.
– Loosen Chest Congestion.
– Adding a small amount to shampoo can destroy head lice.
– A small amount added to your bath can help with persistent body odor.
– Treating sinus infection.
– Dandruff and dry scalp.
– Cleaning Purposes.
– Keeping away germs.
– Insect Bites and Blisters.
– Ear Infections.

Beth Seigenthaler stumbled across a promotional display for tea tree oil in her local health food store while she was suffering from a particularly bad episode of fever blisters. Having had the condition since childhood, she figured she might as well try the product, which claimed to help a variety of skin conditions. She found that the pain of the blisters disappeared immediately, and she healed more quickly than she ever had before.

“I’ve used it on other skin conditions, including a plantar wart and sunburn,” says Seigenthaler, who lives in Nashville. “I have bottles of it at my office, at home, and in the car. I take it on every vacation. I’m a walking commercial for the product.”


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